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London for a Weekend

London for a Weekend
Planning a weekend in London but don’t know how to make the most of your stay? Don’t worry…help is at hand! If you’re in London for a relatively short stay then you’ll want to make sure that you see the best of the city – here are a few tips on how you can have the best visit possible. Firstly, plan ahead and make sure that you book accommodation that will best suit your interests. You’ll probably fly in to one of the 3 largest airports (Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted) but it’s probably best to book a hotel in a more central location, rather than close to any of the airports. That’s not just for reasons of noise – each of the airports are a little way out of the centre, so booking a hotel in a more central location will leave you more time to enjoy your stay. You should also book your hotel to suit your budget and your requirements. If you’re intending to spend your days out sight-seeing and your evenings eating out or going to catch a show then it may be that you’ll barely be in your hotel. If that’s the case, then why not opt for a slightly cheaper hotel and maximise your available budget by spending the money that you save on entertainment. There’s plenty to see in London and the biggest problem that you’ll have will be narrowing down the options. It’s worth getting a good map of the city, as you’ll find that a lot of the central locations are within easy walking distance – this means that you can make better use of your time, as you’ll see plenty above ground that you’d otherwise miss if you were on the Underground. As an example, Buckingham Palace, the Cabinet War Rooms, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey are all within easy walking distance of each other. That means that you can cover those attractions relatively easily. In fact, once you get to the Houses of Parliament, you’ll also be able to see the London Eye, which is also easily reached by crossing Westminster Bridge. Pre-book attractions where possible. When it comes to spending a weekend in a city, it’s important to be organised. Pre-booking attractions and pre-arranging routes around London may feel like a bore when you’re sitting at home but it will save you plenty of time when you reach the city. There’s plenty to do in the evenings, with the various London shows always being popular. The heart of London’s theatre land is to be found in Shaftesbury Avenue and you’ll also find plenty of eating options nearby (particularly in Soho and Covent Garden). Many of the top restaurants have websites, so you can pre-book these too before arrival in London, if a particular one has caught your eye. Many restaurants will offer pre-theatre menus: these are served before show times, ensuring that you can get a meal before heading off to the theatre. To sum up, the key to having a great experience in ....read more

Tourist Attractions & Highlights at Camden

Tourist Attractions
Tourist Attractions – There are a huge variety of attractions to see in the London Borough of Camden which caters for all types of people with an array of interests. Some of the main attractions in the London Borough of Camden include Regent’s Park, Hampstead Heath, a number of theatres such as Shaftsbury Theatre and Bloomsbury Theatre as well as many more attractions, some of which are described below. Regent’s Park which spans a huge area of 487 acres has a wide range of facilities and attractions which include sports areas, children’s playgrounds, many gardens, a lake and London Zoo. The best way to reach Regents Park is by tube and the closest stations located near the park are Regents Park, Baker Street and Great Portland Street. Hampstead Heath is another vast area of parkland which is almost double the size of Regents Park and is located in the south of the London Borough of Camden. The main attractions here are the number of ponds which people can swim in and its location in the affluent area of Hampstead. It is a leafy and green area of Central London and is picturesque in the summer time. Camden Market is one of the most renowned markets in London and is visited by both residents and tourists alike. Over the years the range of goods sold here has widened with shops and stalls now selling everything from books to jewellery, and clothing to art and craft. There is also a diverse mix of people which adds to the markets vibrant atmosphere. This is a great place to spend Sunday afternoons and is a must see in the London Borough of Camden. The south west area of Covent Garden is located in the London Borough of Camden and is one of the best parts of the city. The area is teeming with shops, street performers, bars, restaurants and other entertainment facilities. The main square of Covent Garden is described as the heart beat of the area and is always full of people, performers and great energy. There are three main theatres located in the London Borough of Camden which are Bloomsbury theatre, Shaftsbury theatre and the Dominion theatre. Of the three theatres, Shaftsbury theatre is both the oldest and largest in terms of capacity. It opened in 1911 and has a capacity of over 2,300 people. By comparison, Bloomsbury theatre is the newest and opened in 1968 and is by far the smallest with a capacity of just over 500 people. All three theatres have their own character and are renowned for showing great plays. The London Borough of Camden also boasts an array of museums including the Freud museum, the Foundling museum and the Sir John Soare’s museum The Foundling museum refers to the story of Foundling’s hospital and has a great art collection. All in all, the London Borough of Camden has a number of attractions both culturally and in the area of entertainment. It is a vibrant part of London and is enjoyed by both London’s residents ....read more
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