Travel to London in Covid 19 Times
Travel to London in Covid 19 Times

Travel to London in Covid 19 Times

Travelling is considered as a lively activity that is close to the individual’s heart. Individuals plan extensively regarding their destinations and travelling schedules. However, the acute outbreak of COVID-19 has made almost every individual in a distressing situation. The travelling activities had been limited to a significant extent. People are requested by the governments to be in quarantine.

The individuals are more likely to have a solid purpose in order to leave their residence. Moreover, individuals have to follow strict protocols for preventing the spread of the virus. The individuals are expected to maintain personal hygiene to meet the respective criteria to travel. Individuals with distinctive permissions are able to practice air travel once they met various protocols and conditions. In the current situation, some of the restrictions upon tourism activity has been removed. The particular article emphasizes on the travel guide to London most briefly.

Latest news about COVID 19 pandemic in London for travellers

Due to a huge increase in the COVID 19 situation in London, it is being recommended to the traveller to follow safety measures at every step of their travel. According to the Latest news about COVID 19 pandemic in London for travellers, the UK government has restricted flights from certain countries to diminish pandemic cases in London. It is being suggested to do a full risk assessment procedure for the travellers, travelling to London.

It is also being said that if not necessary travellers should not fly to London. Only the important flights and travellers are being welcomed in London in this situation of the novel coronavirus. The government of the United Kingdom have although opened flights from for certain countries but follow strict NHS (UK) guidelines.

Guidelines while travelling to London

the attractions of London have been reopened with some advancements regarding how the holder of the London pass will be able to gain entry. the traveller first has to purchase in advance the London passes even though the attractions are currently closed. When a pass is purchased in advance the prospective visitor has almost ninety days for returning the pass without any enquiry.

Moreover, these passes also indicate that the individual is supporting the recovery of the tourism industry. The city encourages contactless entry and hence digital passes could be acquired by prospective travellers. For this particular facility, there is no need for cash transactions or card payments. The expiration date of all the passes has been extended to two years. Each attraction point in London has its respective safety guidelines for the visitors. But few common guidelines are

  • A maximum of six to ten people is allowed to visit at a time.
  • One should book their visit in advance for the particular tourist spot
  • One should maintain a contactless entry rule
  • One should wear a mask and use sanitizer (Visitlondon, 2020)

Except for all these things the tourists should evidently follow some of the rules regarding the checking in the hotels and travelling through public transport in London. One has to be really cautious while their exploration and travel to various places in London. If they feel any kind of health issue, they should consult the nearby health institute (GOV, 2020).

When a tourist is more likely to enter the nation even though they are British nationals are required to fill passenger locator. This particular form looks for the contact details from the travellers along with the address they are visiting. If there is a need for self-isolate for the visitor and he/she is not able to confirm accommodation, then the government is more likely to arrange a place at the expenses of traveller.

Changes in travel behaviour while exploring London

Before the pandemic situation, all the tourist spots used to be open for the visitors. No such rules were there and every person from any part of the world could have come to visit.

People need not have any kind of restrictions before visiting a place or booking hotels. But with the emergence of the pandemic situation in 2019 the people now really have to think twice before visiting a place at any part of the world. London has always been a highly visited tourist spot among the other tourist’s spot in the United Kingdom.

But due to the Coronavirus situation few tourist spots are being shut down. Certain days were either considered as a lockdown or even if some days if few tourist spots were open, they allow a limited number of visitors that too with an e-pass (Londonpass, 2020).

when the person is suspected with the symptoms or is not feeling well then it is not recommended to travel. They are advised to stay home and visit the health care institution. Moreover, the accommodation provider is more likely to refuse the stay of the visitor if they have any symptoms of Covid-19. the individual who is planning to visit London is advised not to use transportation facilities during peak times.

For finding out the best routes during the peak times an individual could make effective utilisation of Tfl Go application. Through the help of this particular application, the individual could aid towards social distancing. The individual need to wear face masks. While using any public transportation it is mandatory to cover the face.


The spread of the coronavirus has made the life of people to go through several challenges. But with time people are trying to get accommodated with the situation. They have started to visit several places by maintaining the guidelines given by the government. From the above discussion, it has become quite clear about what one should have to follow if he or she wants to travel to London.

Each country has some of its specific rules and regulation to combat this situation by allowing travellers all over the world. The tourists should follow the warnings and instructions at every place where they are taking accommodation and also here they are visiting. It is important for their safety and that too of others.


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