The Best Historical Sites in London
The Best Historical Sites in London

London is rich in history with many of the buildings dating back centuries. There are Grade I and Grade II listed buildings, world heritage sites and spectacular architectural masterpieces that you can visit and be amazed by when visiting the city. If you love a bit of history and you want to see what London is made of, then there are some that you cannot miss on your next visit to this capital city.

The Best Historical Sites in London – The Tower of London

One of the most popular historical sites in London in the Tower of London, which was built in 1066. This historical fortress hosts one of the oldest exhibitions in the world, not to mention that it is famous for being home to the crown jewels. If you are on your way to London and are thinking of visiting the Tower of London, then you may want to take the Beafeater Tour, yes the tour guide does dress as a real Beafeater. This will give you the chance to learn about the fortresses historical past, not to mention you will be able to get a sneak peak at the crown jewels before your tour comes to an end.

The Best Historical Sites in London – Tower Bridge

Once you have visited the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge is definitely worth a visit. This bridge is often confused with London Bridge. Tower Bridge is an iconic landmark which dates back to 1894 and stretches over the famous River Thames. It is Victorian in design complete with steam powered engines. Over the years some glass walkways have been added so you can enjoy the spectacular views this bridge provides.

The Best Historical Sites in London – Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is an absolute must for anyone who loves history. This abbey has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers the most magnificent Gothic architecture that you will ever experience. The abbey dates back to the eleventh century and is where many great authors and scientists have been buried. It is better known these days for hosting Royal Weddings, including Price Charles and Princess Diana and of late, Prince William to Kate Middleton.

The Best Historical Sites in London – Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace is another of the historical sites you may want to visit during your time in London. Kensington Palace was the childhood home of Queen Victoria and was also home to Diana, the Princess of Wales. It hosts wonderful exhibitions, state rooms and gardens. Remember it is now the home to Prince William and Kate Middleton, so it is worthwhile ensuing it is open for viewings before you head down. Take one of the tours, so that you are guaranteed to learn as much about the history of this beautiful palace during your visit.

The Best Historical Sites in London – Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is another beautiful castle in London and the weekend residence f the Queen. There are thirty nine state rooms that you can explore, not to mention you can see the changing of the guard for yourself. Windsor Castle is also home of the famous Dolls House, which you don’t want to miss.

This is just a few of the historical sites you can explore in London. One of the best opportunities is to take advantage of the hop on hop off bus which will take you to all the top London sites from the above historical sites to museums and galleries. The hop on hop off bus is an open topped bus which will take you through the streets of London stopping at all the top sites. The ones that interest you you simply hop off the bus, visit the site in your own pace and then hop on the next bus to the next destination that you want to experience.

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